Our Work

Coact focuses on 6 key areas of work with people who use drugs:

  • Community mobilisation and drug user organising
  • Community outreach and peer education
  • Needle and syringe programmes and harm reduction
  • Drug treatment - advocacy & psycho-social support
  • Advocacy, campaigning and communications
  • Management systems and policy

How we work

Coact delivers 4 models of Technical Support:

  1. Short-term Technical Support
    Delivering technical support interventions through in-country capacity building events, virtual coaching or webinars, policy development, and the deployment of training, tools or resources.
    Customers: Harm reduction services, drug treatment agencies and drug user groups, either commissioned directly or via a regional NGO TS hub or a UN agency.

  2. Leadership coaching and development
    Providing one-to-one coaching for local leaders, supported by an online practice development forum and underpinned by leadership development plans.
    Customers: Leaders of drug user groups or networks and professionals engaged in facilitating meaningful participation by people who use drugs.

  3. Thematic Projects
    Developing or championing an existing, high quality resource or set of guidelines that supports harm reduction and drug user organising. Thematic projects create a platform for validating a package of resources, systems and interventions that can be shared and promoted on an open source basis.
    Customers: UN agencies, regional NGO TS hubs and bilateral donors.

  4. Coact priority countries
    Identifying priority countries and country partners with a view to a strategic and sustained partnership that supports innovation, models best practice, and contributes to the development of a strong evidence base for community mobilisation and to meaningful partnerships between drug user groups and drug services.
    Customers: UN agencies, bilateral donors and private funders.

Programme and project management approach

Coact recognises that those purchasing or funding technical support want well-managed projects in which challenges and obstacles are addressed effectively and consistently. This ensures that TS goals are achieved and that learning is systematically documented and shared. Coact has therefore gathered together a skilled and experienced support team.

Coact is part of HIT which holds our contracts, disperses funds, oversees our project management and ensures contract compliance and good governance. We have the internal systems and capacity to enable us to manage projects and programmes effectively. Our team offers a breadth and depth of experience that can be drawn on to address new challenges and to undertake troubleshooting.


  • "Coact facilitated a drug user workshop for the Public Health Agency. The event went extremely well, with Coact doing an excellent job of ensuring the aims of the day were met."

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