Our Principles

Coact is committed to helping make the world a healthier, more tolerant place, not only through the work we do but in the way we do it. Our principles describe the explicit ethical platform that underpins everything we do. We will:

  • Use our experience and diverse expertise to fight against exclusion, enabling communities to develop their skills and capacity.
  • Respect the autonomy of the communities we work with, facilitating & supporting them.
  • Be driven by and committed to the development of evidence that endorses or critically advances knowledge of this working approach.
  • Work collaboratively, both internally & externally.
  • Work and behave ethically and with integrity.
  • Be honest and direct.
  • Be excellent, dedicated, hard working and professional.
  • Be prepared to listen, responding to the needs of those who are often not heard.
  • Work and behave with kindness, compassion, empathy and commitment.
  • Seek to work innovatively, prepared to adapt to changing circumstances and situations.


  • "Coact facilitated a drug user workshop for the Public Health Agency. The event went extremely well, with Coact doing an excellent job of ensuring the aims of the day were met."

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@RichardREngnath people who use drugs face a range of public health issues. Drugs and HIV are key themes in internatioinal development

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