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Based in US, Luciano has been working in the field of public health and public policy for more than 20 years. He specializes in the development and implementation of interventions for people who use drugs, and the provision of technical assistance and training to governmental and non-governmental organizations seeking to establish and strengthen their activities for marginalized populations. His most recent focus has been on the design and implementation of harm reduction programs targeting people who use methamphetamine in Asia, Eastern Europe and North America.

Luciano was Director of the 2005 and 2007 US National Conferences on Methamphetamine, HIV and Hepatitis, and the 2008 Global Conference on Methamphetamine in Prague, and is the former Executive Director of the US NGO, the Harm Reduction Project. Luciano’s other areas of focus include the intersection between substance use and reproductive health, the development of low- threshold interventions, and coalition building.

Luciano has experience in the management of complex multi-culturally projects and their staff at an international level; and in recognizing and addressing the various cultural considerations that are key to the provision of effective consultation. In addition, his background and interests in other cultures and marginalized populations have left him confident in handling negotiations that require the reconciliation of different approaches to both common and complex issues.

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  • "Coact facilitated a drug user workshop for the Public Health Agency. The event went extremely well, with Coact doing an excellent job of ensuring the aims of the day were met."

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