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Why I joined Coact

My name is Judy Chang, and my interest and engagement in harm reduction and drug policy advocacy has perhaps taken a more circuitous route than some.

I’m from Sydney, Australia, where during the late 1990s access to, and coverage of needle and syringe programs and methadone maintenance treatment was largely sufficient. For this, I’m fortunate to have been part of the generation that reaped the benefits of the hard won activism and advocacy of drug user groups and their allies in Australia.

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Coact Cooperative Learning and Growing

Coact has completed it’s first round of jobs for UN and NGO partners. This has included a Guide on Employing People who Use Drugs in Harm Reduction (Alliance CAHR programme), 3 Case Studies on ATS in Asia (UNAIDS), Harm Reduction Works - 3 Country Advocacy Case Studies (UNAIDS), and an advocacy briefing on Hepatitis Treatment (IHRD).

In addition, Coact has been involved in practice development projects around methadrone and NPS, ketamine, peer needle and syringe programmes (Peer NSP), peer support, methamphetamine, Naloxone and working in high risk settings. Coact is pleased to announce that it is currently testing two new Stimulant Health Checks on Methedrone and Methamphetamine to go with our existing tools on Ketamine and Crack Cocaine. All will be made available as open source resources on Coact website joining the existing practice support page on Peer NSP.

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Breaking Barriers

My name is Ruth and, like Tam, I started my engagement in drug user activism and harm reduction in 1989, as a community development worker with ACTIV, the new and first drug user service organisation in the capital of Australia, Canberra. Unlike Tam, I was working in a context where needle and syringe programmes were endorsed and available across the cities and - soon - in major rural areas.

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My road to activism

Hi my name is Tam Miller and I was an IDU in Edinburgh in the 80s. At the time when Edinburgh was known as the AIDS capital of Europe. It was like a drugs war, war zone with almost no services available for people who used drugs. Heavy police harassment and many people were getting ill and dying from HIV related complications.

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  • "Coact facilitated a drug user workshop for the Public Health Agency. The event went extremely well, with Coact doing an excellent job of ensuring the aims of the day were met."

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